Tenter Chain Services


Shiloh Services, Inc. has been servicing tenter chain and clip components since we were founded in 1989.  We have experience with working on many types of chains and clips manufactured all over the world, including Germany, France, Japan, and the United States.  We provide preventative maintenance, replacement parts, reverse engineering and fabrication of parts, and specialty tooling and fixtures for service. 

Our team of technicians routinely service tenter chains from 12 different production lines for our customers in the film and textile industries.  These production lines are comprised of over 30 individual chain necklaces which equates to more than 30,000 tenter chain clips.  Our customers typically have each necklace services every 12-24 months as a routine preventative maintenance task.  The frequency of maintenance cycles depends on the customer’s operational conditions and total operation time during each cycle.  Alternatively, some customers request periodically that Shiloh Services, Inc. complete an inspection of a sample of clips to determine when scheduled maintenance should occur.   


Preventative Maintenance (Inspection, Rebuild and Repair)

Our preventative maintenance services can vary from a simple dry wipe down to remove built up debris to a full disassembly and cleaning with replacement of wear parts such as bushings, pins, bearings, and links. Our goal is to provide our customers with a consistent product for efficient, reproducible, and reliable operation of their production line at a reduced cost when compared to OEM services.

We routinely complete an inspection of a small section of chain and clip links to develop conditional assessments.  A complete disassembly of a small section of parts allows our staff to document the condition of wear parts or unusual wear patterns that may be damaging your equipment.  Our condition reports include recommendations for future maintenance to assist with planning downtime.  This can also minimize downtime as special parts can be acquired or fabricated in advance of the work.