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Our core business is completing preventative and corrective maintenance on industrial equipment and machinery though it is not all that we do. Our services include fabricating, machining, engineering, and supplying custom part.  Whether we are rebuilding a rolling steel mill universal joint or fabricating a custom lift table with electronic actuators, we have the capability to take a project from start to finish.  Contact us to discuss how we can help meet your needs and save you money.  

Industrial Maintenance and Repair

Our core business is completing preventative and corrective maintenance on industrial machinery.  While we specialize in tenter chains and clips we rebuild all types of industrial machinery focusing on rolling elements from industrial universal joints to fan housings.  Contact us to discuss how we can help save you money over replacement.

When rebuilding universal joints we can asses the condition of the rolling elements and resurface the cups and journals, replace seals and thrust washers, and fabricate replacement rollers to provide the customer with a rebuilt assembly ready for use.  

Conditional assessment of universal joint components.

Repairable damage to universal joint cross journal

Repaired universal joint components ready for assembly.

Rebuilt universal joints ready to ship to customer

Project Management and Reverse Engineering

Custom Fabrication (Shop Carts, shipping containers, custom parts, gaskets, and hot works/insulation)

Shiloh Services, Inc. is a full service machine shop that can provide its customers with a complete project, large or small for one unit or thousands. Our staff is equipped with the tools, equipment, and resources to meet your needs. Contact us for question regarding our capabilities or to discuss your project.


Shiloh Services is capable of custom machining, grinding, turning, welding, and general fabrication to complete your specialty project. We routinely fabricate custom shop carts, transfer tables, work tables, shipping racks, and other custom parts and fixtures to assist in operation and production for our industrial customers. Our fabrication team can provide products with hydraulic height adjustment, specialty coatings and materials for contact points, rolling or stationary feet, and special lifting points to maximize transport efficiency and minimizing product damage.

Repair and Refurbishing

Shiloh Services is capable of precision duplication of worn machine parts and components, resurfacing, and replacing seals. We can retrofit your used equipment or machinery to original OEM tolerances and extend its service life. Don’t replace when restoration and reuse is possible for a fraction of the cost. With our vibratory finishing, media blasting, and ultrasonic wash tank equipment your parts will look as good as new.

Our main business is completing preventative and corrective maintenance on industrial machinery used in several types of manufacturing processes. Whether we are working on large industrial fans or universal joints our staff has the experience to disassemble, inspect for proper operation and damage, and repair to original OEM tolerances. If replacement parts are not readily available, we can custom fabricate the necessary replacements to restore the equipment to OEM tolerances. To read more about how Shiloh Services applies this type service to a specific industry, click on tenter chains or universal joints under our specialty services.

Project Management

At Shiloh Services, Inc. our competent staff can help you with your industrial needs and provide solutions to your problems. Our staff can help provide design input, material selection, and draft drawings for parts. We can coordinate and manage specialty work, such as coatings, hardening, or bulk part generation, from a host of local and regional subcontractors that we use routinely to provide a finished product that meets your needs.

No need for you to coordinate through multiple vendors, suppliers, or shops to obtain a final product. Put our experience and staff to work for you. Our team provides industrial solutions from repairing mechanical equipment and bearing special ordering to customized heat resistant blankets to protect your staff.

Specialty Shop Services

  • Tenter Chain Maintenance, Refurbishing, Repair, and Manufacturing
  • Industrial Universal Joint Refurbishing
  • Bearing Failure Analysis and Special Ordering