Project Management, Engineering, and Custom Fabrication

When specialty items are necessary our staff has the resources necessary to get the job done.  We routinely coordinate and manage specialty work between our specialty vendors to complete surface coatings and treatments, heat treat parts, precision grinding, and other customizations to provide a complete product to our customers.  This can be done for one off custom parts or equipment, development of prototype parts, or a full-scale production run of parts. 

Many times, drawings of parts are not available for reproduction to be possible.  Our staff is capable of completing dimensional and mechanical analysis of worn parts to develop drawings of those parts and assemblies prior to production.  Creating a drawing prior to fabrication of the part allows us to make the part in the future without the need for a sample part each time that part is needed. As well we strive to set tolerance for the machining and fabrication process that would likely have been required by the OEM based on the application of the part.