The Origins of Shiloh

Shiloh Services, Inc. began in 1989 as a one-man operation by its founder, Louis Liggett, as a weekend project for a friend who worked for a large local industry who operated several tenter chain production lines. The friend knew Louis’s experience working for a bearing manufacturer and asked him to evaluate some bearings that were removed from a tenter chain production line. The goal was to evaluate the bearings for remaining service life and determine if the bearings were in satisfactory condition to be reused.


Growing Demand

It was not long before the local industry noticed the cost savings and Shiloh Services, Inc was asked to assist in providing solutions for other issues associated with the performance and maintenance of their tenter chains and clips. Within a few years, other facilities owned by the same company began engaging Shiloh Services, Inc. The weekend project had become a business and Shiloh Services, Inc. added fabrication, machining, and parts washing equipment as was necessary to meet the needs of its customers.


Our Business Today

The single customer has since expanded to include several regional and national customers who utilize Shiloh Services, Inc. to provide quality, consistent, and timely solutions to meet their industrial needs. We have since added engineering and drafting capabilities to further our capabilities. And while our core business is servicing tenter chains, adding these services has also allowed Shiloh Services the capability to provide other industrial solutions to our regional customers. Whether we are assisting a customer with procuring a specialty bearing or part, fabricating a replacement housing or shaft, welding custom polypropylene parts, or designing a custom cart, we always strive to exceed our customer’s expectations.